P1 - Urgent
If your incident is P1 you must call us on +44 (0)800 5999 041. Examples include:
  • A reduction in capacity of traffic handling capability such that a major part of the traffic load cannot be handled by the system.
  • Significant loss of service in a business critical area.
  • Loss of safety or emergency capability.
We aim to respond to all P1 incidents within 1 hour and resolve within 1 business day

P2 - High
Examples include:
  • Reduction in capacity handling or traffic measurement function.
  • Repeated short outages greater than 2 minutes every 24 hours or continuing over longer periods.
  • Degradation or loss of access for operations and maintenance functions or routine admin functions.
  • Degradation of the system's ability to provide any system notification of critical or major alarms.
We aim to respond to all P2 incidents within 2 business hours and resolve within 2 business days

P3 - Normal
Examples include:
  • Restored P1 or P2 calls under observation.
  • Processor restarts with no traffic impact.
  • Any small impact on the system that impacts call processing, traffic handling or End User but does not prevent operator delivering service to the End Users.
  • Serious impact on operations and maintenance functionality.
  • Any condition that does not impact the functionality of the system or impact service to End Users.
We aim to respond to all P3 incidents within 2 business hours and resolve within 5 business days

P4 - Low
Examples include:
  • Minor change to customer environment.
  • Questions or How to's.
  • Password Resets.
  • Change Requests (AD Groups, Distribution Groups).
We aim to respond to all P4 incidents within 2 business hours and resolve within 5 business days

Please give as much information as possible when submitting your ticket and please tell us what impact this is having so we can prioritize your ticket correctly.

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